Time to get Larger?

Happy New Year! Time to get larger?  Normally this would not be a question any of us would ask at the beginning of January or really any time, however, is it time for a larger home?

In this instance I think most of us with young families ask ourselves this daily.  Does it feel like you are busting at the seams?  Are the kids getting to an age where they no longer want to share a bedroom or even a bathroom?  Is your attic and garage overflowing with storage?  Does your backyard now seem extremely small for that extra furry friend you added to the family?  Is entertaining your friends and family in your home seem like an unlikely scenario since Uncle Jason won’t be able to effectively take an afternoon nap while pretending to watch the football game?

If you have answered ‘yes‘ to any or all of these questions it might be time to get larger.

Here are the things you should consider before diving into looking for a larger home:

  1.  Can we afford it?
    A larger house or better neighborhood usually means more money. (Though in this market, your money can buy you a lot more house than it used to.)
    You may be comfortable with your current mortgage payment, but can you handle a larger one? Also, a larger home means more floors, rooms and outside areas to clean and maintain. How will that affect your budget? Will you have to give up certain expenses or cut back on certain “luxuries” like vacations or going out?
    Like you did with your previous home purchase, create a budget for the monthly mortgage payment and homeownership costs, such as general maintenance or homeowners association dues.
  2.  Are my finances in good shape?
    Depending on when you last bought a home, getting a mortgage may be harder than you remember. Lenders will closely review your income, debts, assets and liabilities, to make sure you don’t exceed the maximum debt-to-income ratio.
    Hopefully you didn’t do any damage to your credit since your last home purchase. The most competitive interest rates (the 5 percent you may have heard about) only go to buyers with credit scores above 700.The great thing is here at Premier Homes we work closely with Service First Mortgage which is located at our new offices off of Highway 377.  (5310 East US Highway 377, Granbury, Texas)
  3.  Can I sell my house?
    If you own your current home outright (meaning you don’t have a mortgage or any liens) or you have enough cash to cover the purchase of a new home without depending on the profit from selling your current home, then good for you.
    But if you’re like most people, you need to sell before you buy — unless you’re prepared to carry two mortgages. Hopefully you’ll make a sizable profit from the sale and can use it to cover the upfront expenses on your new home, including the closing costs, down payment and moving expenses.We can help you not only sell your home but buy a larger home.  We have close relationships with area realtors that know our new homes front and back.  So basically we are a one stop shop here at Premier Homes.  
  4. How is my life going to be different? 
    Changing houses — even if it’s for the better and absolutely the right thing to do — can be unsettling, and it’s an intangible that any homeowner should consider.Getting a larger home sort of changes your social status a little bit.  It means you are growing up. That alone can be somewhat of a subtle impact on your friends and family and how they think of you, and maybe even what you end up doing, if you end up moving into a nicer neighborhood.  It is more than just buying a larger house.  You are making an upgrade.

    5. What are my next steps?  If you are good with all of the above questions then your next step would be to call us and schedule a meeting with our sales team.  This is where the real excitement begins because now you must decide Do I want a NEW Premier Home that is Move In Ready or do I want to Build a Custom Premier Home?  These are all questions that can be answered in your meeting with our sales team.  Give Laiken a call today 817-776-6063 to book your meeting.