I am going to start this off by saying I have a completely newfound respect for home builder’s superintendents. Herding Turtle Cats is the best description I have been given.  I laugh every time I hear that but completely agree that is true.  Superintendents have to not only plan but have to have processes in place to make things run smoothly.  If the plumber does not show up on their scheduled day then the next contractor cannot get their job done.  Superintendents have to be extremely smart in math and fluent in motivating sub contractors to get their jobs not only done quickly but efficiently.  They also have to be very patient especially when it comes to building custom homes.

Let me give you a little background on myself.  I started my job with Premier Homes back in April of 2019.  I came from two very different industries and had no idea how the home building business operated. My background is in sports marketing and the restaurant industry. I have a very strong background in management and customer service and I knew that becoming the warranty liaison would be a learning experience but I have no problem with processes and being nice to people so I gladly excepted the job.

Before starting at Premier Homes I actually thought that the ‘Home Builder’ employed ALL the people who build the home.  Now, before you start laughing I realized that there would be specialty contractors such as electricians and plumbers. I just really thought that everyone else was on payroll.  I have family members that work in construction but I really never paid attention to the process.  I certainly know now that this is not the case.

After a couple months I learned that home building was somewhat of a puzzle and somewhat of a maze.  The puzzle could not be completed if certain pieces did not fit and come together but unlike a puzzle you could not put a roof on a house that had no foundation.  It sometimes becomes a maze because you find yourself on a path to finding the finish line and then hit a wall and have to go back another way to complete the project.  (meaning sometimes you have to find new painters)

We were given the opportunity to build our own home and chose Wildcat Ridge in Godley as where we wanted to live.  After picking out our Lot we then begin to look at floor plans.  After spending a couple months doing walkthroughs of our homes I knew I liked a certain floor plan but I also knew I wanted something a little different.  We then had to come up with how we wanted our floor plan to flow and how to fit that in our budget.  When I say ‘our budget’ I am saying the square footage of the home budget.   As I learned quickly not all square footage is created equal. What I mean is if you put in 4 bathrooms you are really adding a ton of hard cost to your budget because of plumbing whereas if you add an extra wall somewhere that really doesn’t matter too much.  Another learning experience.

From there we started the selection process and picking out everything from our type of brick and stone to what type of door handle we wanted.  This process was a little mind boggling to me and ‘hats off’ to those who love this process.  It scared us somewhat because we really had no idea if we were creating a masterpiece or if we were going to have a ‘circus’ house.  We had several people along the way help with the process but it was mostly up to us.

Breaking Ground!  Form Boards were set and plumbing, electric, and anything else that needed to be completed before the foundation pour was done.  Foundation day was really interesting as cement trucks just kept coming and coming.  After the foundation was poured then our frame went up and then the sides.   It just seemed like it would never be finished but as each week passed we could tell it was beginning to look more and more like our ‘Home’.  From picking out lights, granite, appliances, hardware, flooring, paint colors, to everything else in between it all came together to create OUR masterpiece. The puzzle was complete and spending our first night in our new home was completely satisfying.

There were things that did not go exactly how we envisioned but we certainly understood how to make adjustments. In the end the HOME we built was sincerely the most exciting and full filling project we had ever been a part of to date.

Should you Build Your Own Home?  Absolutely.  The experience is like no other.  The greatest thing about building your own home is everything is all NEW and the personality is all YOU!  The packing and moving is a completely different story especially in the HOT month of July.  We will save that for another time.