At Premier Homes we use Quik-Shield/106 1/2 pound, spray applied, polyurethane foam to insulate all our homes.  It is ideal for use as a high-performance insulating barrier and is part of an energy efficient building envelope.  What does that mean for you as the homeowner?  It helps keep your indoor area healthy and comfortable, not to mention it also helps reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 40%.  Spray Foam insulation also helps with noise reduction and better moisture and condensation control.

The product we use is environmentally friendly.  It is more than 13% pre-consumer recyclable/rapidly renewable content based on weight.  It reduces energy consumption and is non-ozone depleting.

We have had some people ask if our garages are insulated?  No, they are not.  You will also find that the interior walls in your home that are not directly connected to the outside will not have insulation either.  When we do our walkthroughs with our new homeowners we take them into the attic so they can see the insulation and to see how comfortable it is in the attic.

Did I just say ‘comfortable in the attic’?  Yes, I did!  It can be 100 degrees outside and when you walk into our attics you will notice that it is still quite cool compared to the outside.

This is just one of the many upgrades Premier Homes puts into their homes.  Check out some of the other upgrades we feature in each home at