Premier Homes provides on site warranty for your new home.

There are Warranty Exclusions to each category that can be emailed to you.  Please contact PremierHomesWarranty@gmail.com for that paperwork.

The applicable building and performance standards established pursuant to the Residential Construction Commission Act by Residential Construction Commission, and for any items for which standards are not published, the standards for construction called “residential construction performance guidelines for professional builders and remodelers” second edition, published in 2000, by the National Association of Home Builders of the United States (“NAHB”), are stipulated as the agreed standard for good and workmanlike construction.

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Contractor will provide owner with the following Warranties:

30 Days Landscaping/1 Year Irrigation System Warranty – This covers shrubs and grass for 30 days and the sprinkler system for 1 year.

1 Year Craftmanship Warranty – This covers any defects in the materials and craftmanship by Premier Homes that may occur within one year. This does NOT cover normal wear & tear on a home that comes with living there.

2 Year Mechanical Warranty – This covers any defects in materials or workmanship for electrical work, plumbing or HVAC issues, that may occur within 2 years after purchasing the home. This does NOT cover any appliances, including hot water heaters and HVAC Units as those are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty from their respective companies.

10 Year Structural Warranty – This covers any defects in the foundation or framing that may occur within 10 years of the purchase of the home. This does NOT include driveway cracks that occur due to wear & tear and weather.