Building New Homes in the Rain

Have you ever seen this part of Texas so green?  It is gorgeous!

However as much as we love what the rain does for our natural habitats it is not a good thing for homebuilders.   All this rain puts a damper on starting new jobs, putting brick and stone on the side of homes and not to mention trying to pour driveways, dig irrigation systems and finish landscaping.

This past month has been unprecedented for us here at Premier Homes when it comes to building our homes.  Each day our superintendents are watching radar to see if they can progress on any of their homes.

What is most frustrating for both homebuilders and homebuyers is to complete some of these projects you need more than a couple days in a row to complete projects.  For example, if you are in the process of putting brick and stone on the side of a home the ground must be sustainable for human beings to stand on scaffolding so if the sun is out, but the ground is saturated, they will sink.

If the form boards are down for a driveway but there is standing water this will compromise the concrete when it is poured and could end up having cracks.  So, we have had several homes that have been in this part of the building process and because the rain just keeps coming, we cannot get the driveway poured.  Without the driveway being poured we cannot complete several other parts of the building process.  We cannot skip step 8 to get to step 10.

Landscapers get their sod from farms and if it is too wet there is no way to cut the sod to have it delivered and laid down in the yards.  This is one of the last parts to completing a home and without the sod most lenders will not close on the home, even though the entire inside of the home is finished.

I cannot believe I am wishing for sun and heat in Texas, but here I am.  Rain Rain Go Away!  Come back another day.  Just not today, tomorrow, or even next week.   We have new homes to build!