What Makes a Great Office?

What makes a great office?  Is it how big your office is?  Is it where it is located in the building?  Is it how many windows you have?  Is it what your office overlooks?

When I was started off in the sporting industry I had my own cubicle.  I quickly moved to having my own office and loved not only the privacy but also the fact I could make my office ‘home’.  When I became a General Manager I actually chose an office that wasn’t very big but overlooked the baseball field.  This was great for many reasons because I was able to go into my office during baseball games and get work done while still seeing what was happening in the stadium.

I would say my favorite office working in sports was at Ripken Baseball.  I loved that office because I was able to paint it and really make it my own. It was big and comfy.  People visited me in my office because they always knew I had cold drinks in my refrigerator and snacks on my desk.   I never spent much time in my actual office as I was either over at the youth facility or in the stadium walking the concourse and suites.  The majority of my time spent at Ripken Baseball was in the baseball stands visiting with season ticket holders and fans.  THAT was my favorite office.

Fast forward to working with Premier Homes a year and a half ago.  I started off in a cubicle in the back hanging out with Linda and was quickly moved to the front in an office I shared with the head superintendent.  I have never been in a situation where I have shared an office but quickly learned it was actually kind of fun.  I could be witty, funny and have someone to spar with instead of just talking to myself or singing alone thinking I was the next Donna Summer.

Premier Homes has NEW offices! Now I am back to having my own office.  It is brand new.  It smells great and it looks fabulous.  A vision that the Britts had to make Premier Homes a beautiful corporate office has most certainly come true.  The gorgeous selections that have been made and the thought to giving everyone the needed space for each job description has certainly come to fruition.   The Britts have big plans for this office building and what it will bring to the community.  Everyone entering into Granbury will get to see the cornerstone building that will forever be known as the Premier Homes Corporate Offices.

We look forward to hosting an Open House for the community very soon.  So what makes a great office?  It is the people in the office.  That is what makes a great office.  ~Kari Rumfield